Tattoo Aftercare

Immediate healing period…

After leaving the shop immediately shower or wash tattoo with luke warm soapy water, then rinse clean with cold water (This will help to close your pores after they’re clean and reduce the chance of infection).

Pat tattoo dry after washing, do not rub dry.

Lightly apply a THIN layer of ANTISEPTIC cream (ie. Savlon, Bepanthen)

During the healing period…

Remember to gently wash and dry your tattoo everyday.

We advise that a minimum amount of cream be used when healing, in fact we advise that cream only be applied on the first day, two days at the most.
we also advise against using mosturisers, vaseline, etc.. these products will do nothing to aid your healing process and have no additives or ingredients that are helpful!
the tattoo scabbing and being dry and flakey is perfectly normally and a part of the healing process, all be it pretty unsightly sometimes! Allow your body to deal with it in its own time!

Keep tattoo out of direct sunlight for 4 weeks and don’t use sunbeds for 6 weeks!
(Your skin is in a fragile state and can be burnt by the sun much easier, which will leave you with scar tissue in your tattoo)

Do not swim for the first five days, Don’t use jacuzzis until all your scab has fallen off.

Never wrap your tattoo up! It needs to breathe to heal properly.

Wear loose, non-restrictive clothes around tattooed areas.

Do not scratch or pick your tattoo!

Removing the scab before its ready to come off will bring ink out with it and the result will be a patchy tattoo!
If your tattoo becomes itchy try slapping it or gently stroking it to relieve itchiness.

After the tattoo has healed…

To keep tattoo bright and vibrant after healing apply moisturiser.

Remember that black and dark coloured ink in your skin means your tattoo will absorb heat and sunlight much quicker than the rest of your body and consequently will be burnt if not properly looked after! Always apply a high sunscreen (factor50) or sunblock when exposing your tattoo to prolonged period in the sun.

If you have any issues or queries during your healing process contact the shop for advice.