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However should you feel like you want me to justify my answer or you like being able to wow your friends with knowledge, read on!

Tattoo’s are made by repeatedly puncturing the skin with teeny tiny needles and essentially is an open wound. That means the process carries a risk of infection, cross contamination and exposure to potential disease; such as HIV, Hepatitus C and Heptatitus B….. Urghhhhh!
You are probably thinking… ‘Well I dont have any diseases’ and thats sweet, You’re probably right, and you probably want to keep it that way.
If your tattooist is not taking a certain duty of care with the procedure of your tattoo, they are potentially putting you at risk!

There are certain things you need to do as a tattooist to ensure the safety of your client and the safety of yourself; which are incredibly hard or impossible to do whilst tattooing mobile, which is why –
its ILLEGAL TO DO. (Big letters to get your attention)

For your own health and piece of mind you should know that your tattoo is being done in a clean and safe environment.
Its not just about using a new needle every time, but also a new or sterilised grip, new inks, new gloves, new water, new cup, everything needs cleaning down and sterilising inbetween customers, and thats everything, machines, cables, trolleys, power supplies, all surfaces.. and surfaces need to be cleanable. Using a kitchen table or someones couch means its actually impossible to clean inbetween even if they did want to or knew how to.
Equiptment thats to be reused needs cleaning in an autoclave, (which is a big heavy machine thats expensive) probably not something that mobile tattooists are carrying with them, lol.
Also many of the cleaning products that are used to properly sterilise equiptment and surfaces can’t actually be bought unless your a registered tattooist…. something mobile tattooists aren’t, 🙁  sad face for them and also sad face for you if there tattooing you with dirty equipment!

So it may be easier, and cheaper and you may not need to wait as long for an
appointment, but its about weighing up the pros and cons… and if you local scratcher doesn’t understand the basics of cross contamination and blood born pathogens then its a near on certainty that they don’t understand the basics of tattooing either!
True you may have to leave the house, you may have to deal with the general public or even public
transport 😮  but its better than having HIV!

Should you have had a tattoo by a mobile tattooist and your concerned or upset that you were misled or mis-informed by them; then contact environmental health at your local council and report it, this is the best way to make sure it doesn’t happen again and other people aren’t put at the same risk as you were.

JJ @ studio 78