Over the last few months we’ve been inundated with more and more people that want there tattoos ‘fixed’ or covered up.

Unfortunately, due to an influx in tattoo fixing programs, people are being given a false sense of expectation… and we’re left as shop with people arguing the toss with us over what they think will work as a cover…


I have a customer called Jazzy Jason… He lives for fishing! Loves it!
I asked him if he liked Robson Green, and he was quite angry! Apparently its all staged bullshit; I didn’t realise because I don’t really know that much about fishing, I just liked watching the daft geordie twat having a fish off with other people!
(for anyone that hasn’t watched Robson green extreme fishing, it’s a program where Robson the star of a tv show my mum liked in the 90’s called ‘soldier soldier’ travels the world having fishing competitions and trying to catch random big fish.. it’s both epic and shit all at the same time! He also had a number one hit with his co-star Jerome with an atrocious cover of unchained melody)

I’m not a fan of tattoo programs, in fact, i outright fucking hate them, and for the same reasons that Jason doesn’t like Robson green;
i find myself beyond angry and shouting obscenities at the
TV, because i understand tattooing inside out and can see that its all non sensical staged bullshit… but for every one else its just like my Robson green fishing fix, which is fair enough

Now, its fair enough… unless I’m left with a false sense of belief over my fishing abilities; and decide to buy a boat, go sea fishing, in a storm, for a shark, with a stick, a piece of string and a wire coat hanger tied to the end. Understandably that would be wrong….. But i’d been watching Robson hadn’t I?!

The tattoo shows are unfortunately giving people an unrealistic expectation about what they can cover their tattoo with, what will work and what won’t, and some people have come unstuck by other shops taking advantage of there naivety… 🙁 sad face for them.. They now have something bigger and darker to try and cover!

So i’ll go through a few things to help people understand the difference between real life and reality TV…
Be warned, you may end up hating tattoo fixers, (but thats no bad thing as there a gang of bastards)

First off tattoo fixers is a reality TV show.. Something people forget, its made for entertainment, and the people and situations in it aren’t real life. There staged stories, scripted and ‘clients’ are even told how to behave and respond… The great tragedy here is that unfortunately they are real people and they are being left with a life long mess.

Now then! There’s something about tattooing that most people in the main stream don’t know; and that is-
You can temporarily overlay any colour, on top of another colour (even if its lighter) and most of the time it will look like its worked. But unfortunately its only an illusion!
What happens over the next week or two when the tattoo heals is that the darker colour takes precedent; and like the shittest of magic shows, your old tattoo is revealed! Tadarrrrr…
Basically it shows through.
This is shitty trick that was used back in the day by dodgy shops to do ‘cover ups’. Something i was glad to see had faded out over the years… But tattoo fixers have brought it back into fashion like some demented dribbling clothes designer.
So at first glance, (and for the purpose of TV) the covers seem to have worked, but for people that know what they’re looking for, you can see its ultimately a fail, and over the next few weeks its going to start looking worse and worse until you can eventually… Hello! Theres your old tattoo!
Now you have a bigger, darker, shitter tattoo to try and get rid of.

Theres another shit trick thats used on tattoo fixers, most people outside of the tattoo industry don’t realise, and that’s they steal other tattoo artists work, which would be bad enough but they then top that, by passing it off as their own…
So they go ‘Yeah just have a seat and i’ll draw you something up’
Cut screen to the client reading something off a script about their tattoo…
And there back.. ‘ok I’ve just drawn you this up, think your going to like it’
STOP. Bullshit. You stole that you prick.
The ‘tattoo fixers’ are shamelessly notorious for stealing other peoples work and claiming them as there own

Unfortunately as viewers of reality TV, you don’t get to see the aftermath, as that wouldn’t make for good TV.
In short, if ‘tattoo fixers’ was a local tattoo shop it would very soon have a reputation as a place to avoid…

The reality.. (the actual real life reality) is this that most covers need to be lasered first, and faded back to make a really good job of it. And thats not to say that a tattoo can’t be fixed or covered as it stands; but just from my experience, (and thats 10 years working in the industry, not 10 episodes of tattoo fixers) generally they need a zap first!

THE GOOD NEWS is that laser is available now, and people that don’t want there old tattoos or ex partners name on there body anymore don’t have to… Back in the day people didn’t even have the option!
It may not be a quick fix like on TV, but it is a proper fix.

So if you want an honest opinion on what to do with your unwanted tattoo pop in and see us!



Now i need to get off… IVE GOT A SHARK TO CATCH!!

JJ @ Studio 78