Can you remove all Colours?

Laser removal works best on black ink applied on fair skin. As the laser is attracted to darker areas, fair coloured skin gives a greater contrast allowing the laser to work more effectively. A wide range of colours can usually be removed successfully or lightened to a large degree.
Colours that do not respond to well to Laser Removal are: White, Light green and yellow. But we can work with this and lighten the surrounding colours suitable for a cover up job.
All of this would be discussed during a consultation.


Will my tattoo be completely removed?

With laser removal there are no guarantees that the tattoo will be 100% removed, there are many factors that can affect the success of removal:

Age of tattoo
Application method
Type of ink
Depth of ink
Area of tattoo
Your healing ability
Skin type


Am I suitable for treatment?

Certain medical conditions and medication would make exposure to the laser treatment potentially dangerous for you.

This would be high lighted in a pre-treatment questionnaire we do in your consultation.


For any more questions or to book a consultation and test patch contact the shop