We’re lucky enough to live in a world of convenience. Almost everything we desire is available whenever we want it, and, worst case scenario is we can get it delivered next day!

The convenience of this lifestyle is no accident, and there’s a sinister reason behind instant availability.
Big businesses know that there’s a huge part of the market that buy on impulse.
In this age of convenience, impulse buying and the need to have something ‘now’ has become second nature to us. We don’t even know we’re doing it anymore!

Its not necessarily a bad thing, if people can control there impulsive urges.. (mines boobs and i want them NOW!!) They can take advantage of instant availability and first class delivery services!
However it can lead people into a false sense of reality and into sketchy (or scratchy) situations when it comes to tattooing…. DUN DUN DURRRR……

So say someone decides that they want a tattoo
Happy days!
Understandably they’re super excited!
So lets go to the tattoo shop and get it done!

Now…. it comes as a surprise to some people that are living in an age of convenience, click and collecting, free next day delivery with amazon prime, etc, etc, that they can’t have the tattoo they wanted this morning, this afternoon.

Yeah its wank that we can’t accommodate everyone right now, but unfortunately theres only so many hours in a day.
The better the tattoo artist, the more people that want to book in with them; and the longer the waiting list!
So there is a reason why an artists waiting list for a tattoo is months ahead and on the flip side there’s also a reason why someone can fit you in today or tomorrow.
If a tattooist is sat around with nothing to do and can sort you out now for 40 quid, theres a reason why!

Theres a pretty sweet saying that sums it all up………

Good things come to those that wait

or was it ‘many a mickle makes a muckle’ I’m not sure.

For more information on booking in or how to book an appointment get in touch or pop in and see us

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