Book at Studio78

At Studio 78 we do have a bit of a waiting list, but there’s good reason for that.. there is also a reason behind a shop that doesn’t have a waiting list!

To book an appointment you need to come to the shop in person…

This is because we prefer to discuss ideas with people face to face, we also get all of your details and ideas down on paper, measure the body area so we can size your design to fit you perfectly and finally to take a deposit to secure your appointment.

( For further information relating to deposits and appointments see our shop policies )

On-going work goes by hourly rate. Hourly rate may differ between artists and by styles of work, so for more information on rates please contact the shop.
Studio 78 have a minimum charge of £40. This is for any tattoo, regardless of size or detail.

All of our contact details are on the contact page, so please give us a shout if you want any more advise on bookings etc.